Joshua Tree Wedding / Rimrock Ranch

December 17, 2015

Camille +Marc’s wedding was at Rimrock Ranch near Pioneer Town. It was so gorgeous out there. I got to watch the whole sunset driving into town.

The last time I was in Pioneer Town was ages ago, when I use to shoot for Jane Magazine (remember them!), on a regular basis during my Socal days. I was doing a travel piece on The beat motel (related to the godfather of The beat movement, William S. Burroughs) in Palm Springs. We got to stay in a Lautner & the writer and I went to check out Pappy & Harriet’s. I loved working for Jane, they gave me the best assignments.

It was so nice to work with C+M. They are very sweet creatives. I love the pops of  color in this wedding. The vibrant pink on Camille & the blue on Marc. And it was lovely to spend time out in Joshua Tree,  at such a great venue in the desert. Their officiant was an actor friend. One I recognized from Once upon a time. This year has been a year of actors at weddings. Makes me reminisce on the decade I spent in socal.

Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0001 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0002 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0003 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0004 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0005 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0006 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0007 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0008 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0009 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0010 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0011 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0012 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0013 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0014 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0015 Joshua-Tree-Wedding-Rimrock-Ranch_0016

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Big Sur Wedding

November 22, 2015

It’s been a really busy year, with more traveling than I’ve done in over 10 yrs. Can’t wait to get all caught up and reflect on the year I’ve had. And make some changes to find more balance in this creative journey.
Here’s a little sneak peak of a Big Sur wedding I did at the Henry Miller library. Definitely one of my favorites this year.

If you love Big Sur, you MUST go see a show at the Henry Miller library. The last show I saw there was super intimate & just had a really nice vibe. I made Tim see Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins with me. It was so nice, we camped, went to the natural hot springs.

This wedding is exactly right for Big Sur. Music lovers who appreciate the history & all the love that’s been a part of this magical place. Lindsey is the raddest bride, who has the coolest job. She’s a music lover, now married to a music man, who gets to pick music and introduce bands for Madewell. David plays bass for The war on drugs. He looks like my husband’s sister’s husband, ha. This was a really fun group to be in Big Sur with.
Lindsey wore a pant suit, made by her friend Stacey. Who sewed “Happy Wedding” into the tag of her “dress.” So sweet! I loved the mexican blanket favors, and the tags that say “Your welcome.”

My last wedding of the year will take me back to Big Sur in Dec, before I head to socal for the holidays. So grateful to be working with the right folks in the places that feel so right for me. 😉
Big-Sur-Wedding_0001 Big-Sur-Wedding_0002 Big-Sur-Wedding_0003 Big-Sur-Wedding_0004 Big-Sur-Wedding_0005 Big-Sur-Wedding_0006 Big-Sur-Wedding_0007 Big-Sur-Wedding_0008 Big-Sur-Wedding_0009 Big-Sur-Wedding_0010 Big-Sur-Wedding_0011 Big-Sur-Wedding_0012Lindsey-David-Wedding-0030-018171(B)
Big-Sur-Wedding_0014 Big-Sur-Wedding_0015 Big-Sur-Wedding_0016Venue: Henry Miller Library
Vintage rentals: Stardust vintage rentals
Catering: Sea stars catering & events 

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Sutro Baths Engagement

July 22, 2015

Sutro baths is one of my favorite spots to visit, especially for sunset. How amazing are the colors and the sky on this particular sunset? We found some cool driftwood, it wasn’t freezing & the kiteboarding sail looks like a rainbow moon.  I’m looking forward to Jamie + David’s wedding next year. And working with Rebecca of Be Hitched.

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